Connecting companies and suppliers

Yes, it’s true; companies that have diversity in their supply chain tend to be more profitable. Plus, there are many other compelling reasons why engaging women-owned businesses is smart and timely. For example, there is a potential for increased corporate innovation and market knowledge, better problem solving, it enhances your corporate brand by demonstrating commitment to supplier diversity and corporate responsibility and you’ll join a global business practice. One of the top benefits is that diverse supply chains result in more suppliers in the marketplace which drives competitive costs down.

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Rethinking the supply chain

Supplier Diversity connects competitive, time-sensitive companies with smart, entrepreneurial women business owners to deliver powerful and proven win-win connections.


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Connecting companies & suppliers

To help foster a diverse supplier chain, we stage a full calendar of events throughout the year. Our library of white papers and checklists gives senior decision makers in companies the business case arguments and tools to rethink how you procure. If you’re a business owner, read our handy links on how you can get your business noticed by the world’s largest corporates.


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Whether you’re a corporate looking to make your supply chain more competitive, or a supplier looking for new commercial opportunities, we can help you make valuable connections.

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