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Most multinational corporations and government procurement departments need to demonstrate and measure diversity in their procurement practices. That’s where getting certified comes in. Certification verifies that your business is majority-owned (51%) and that it’s managed and controlled by a woman or women. Once certified, your company profile is added to a database that is used by corporations to search for women-owned suppliers. You’ll also gain access to many training, networking and professional development opportunities offered only to certified women business owners.

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Companies owned by women entrepreneurs represent 47% of all small and medium-sized enterprises and provide jobs for 1.7 million Canadians. There are over 821,000 women entrepreneurs in Canada who annually contribute more than $18 billion to the economy. Women-owned businesses are creating new jobs at four times the rate of the average firm and women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. Impressive, indeed.

Despite all this, women-owned businesses are seriously under-represented in procurement contracts. In fact, estimates put women-owned businesses at less than 5% of all domestic and international suppliers to corporations and governments.

Now is the time to access opportunities in a broad range of industries including oil and gas, forestry and technology. Discover the Supplier Diversity advantage today and register as a vendor.

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Companies need diversity

It’s a known fact that diverse supply chains drive value and innovation by increasing the number of suppliers in the marketplace. In turn, this drives down cost. So how can you keep a competitive edge and take advantage of all the benefits women-owned businesses have to offer? You can contact us directly or you can find suppliers at the link below. We look forward to helping you connect with women entrepreneurs who are making waves in their own fields and helping big business, corporations and government increase profit (and reduce headaches).

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Rethinking the supply chain

Supplier Diversity connects competitive, time-sensitive companies with smart, entrepreneurial women business owners to deliver powerful and proven win-win connections.


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Connecting companies & suppliers

To help foster a diverse supplier chain, we stage a full calendar of events throughout the year. Our library of white papers and checklists gives senior decision makers in companies the business case arguments and tools to rethink how you procure. If you’re a business owner, read our handy links on how you can get your business noticed by the world’s largest corporates.


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