A new era of connection

At Supplier Diversity NL, we’re committed to a bold new vision of connection. We want to see the world’s largest companies embracing the significant resources and knowledge of women-owned business; resources that are currently left largely untapped.

Rebalancing the supply chain

Our goal is to diversify the pool of suppliers that corporations choose from, and to encourage more women-owned businesses to put themselves forward for larger contracts. Introducing new players into the supply chain is timely. Encouraging more women-owned businesses to interact with corporations will offer more flexibility, access to a broader range of talents and opportunities for greater participation.

Agility through diversity

A diversified supply chain also adds to the speed and nimbleness of enterprises. Organizations can delegate specific aspects of their supply chain to specialist businesses, meaning they have more choice in how they get goods and services to market. By doing this, they also encourage more small businesses owned by women to access contracts that help them to expand and employ more staff.


Rethinking the supply chain

Supplier Diversity connects competitive, time-sensitive companies with smart, entrepreneurial women business owners to deliver powerful and proven win-win connections.


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Connecting companies & suppliers

To help foster a diverse supplier chain, we stage a full calendar of events throughout the year. Our library of white papers and checklists gives senior decision makers in companies the business case arguments and tools to rethink how you procure. If you’re a business owner, read our handy links on how you can get your business noticed by the world’s largest corporates.


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Whether you’re a corporation looking to make your supply chain more competitive, or a supplier looking for new commercial opportunities, we can help you make valuable connections.

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